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From: Ham Barker
Subject: Duke,Terri And Friends # 3 Bisexual/urinationDuke and Terri worked well together and soon had the place looking like a
small ranch,everything was neat and clean.To an average passer by it would
never appear free young rape a place where so much kinky sex took place and thats just the
way they had planned it.
Duke had bought eight head of horses,half mares and half studs,all
excellent riding horses.They had even constructed a bunk house made like motel rooms for renting
out later on when they opened their riding stable.
Demi had moved in permently now,a regular figure in their sex parties.Monty
had almost pussy young innocent
went bonkers the first time Terri brought her in naked and
offered the younger babies porn young sex piks girl to him.Demi grew quite fond of the mans big cock.One friday evening Monty showed up with a guest,his brothers boy,Jon was
quite a good looking young man,kind of tall and slender with a smooth
hairless skin.He was wearing only shorts when they arrived and Duke
suspected that Monty had arranged that to show off the boys body.
Monty and Duke showed the boy around and he loved the horses and seemed to
take right to the place.Monty had him pitching straw in the empty stalls,he seemed to enjoy the
work,never complaining.
"I have to run into to town right quick,why don't you two go ahead and get
aquanited."Monty said,winking as he smiled and turned to leave.
Duke watched the boy as he began to sweat,his body glistened with the
moisture dripping from his sexy body.Before long Dukes cock was throbbing and trying to get free of his shorts
when he walked over to the boy.Jon's shorts had slipped down revealing about
an inch of the crack of the boys ass,he made no attemept to pull them up as
he continued moving the straw to the stall.Was he unconcious of the fact,or
was he maybe showing Duke his wares,it was hard to say,but it sure was
exciting the older boy.Duke had striped dpwn to his shorts as well,his cock making an obvious
bulge,he made no attempt to conceal it either.
Duke was moving through the stall door as Jon turned to come out and the two
collided,their sweaty bodies slapping together.Their eyes metlingered a few
seconds then Duke had him in his arms,his open mouth pressed to the
boys,tongue exploring the inside of his mouth and recieving no resistence.Dukes hands slid down the boys back,down to the elastic of his shorts and
shoved them the pair of round globes then gripped the cheeks of his ass.
Jon was returning his kiss with as much passion as he was recieving now,both
parties tongues going wild.
Duke felt JOns hand shoving downward on his shorts as his cock spring out in
front,then the boys small hands had it in their grip,squeasing and stroking.Once they came up for air,both stepped free of the shorts before returning
to their kissing.Jon was first to pull away,then turned lay over the bale of
straw as he took hold of Dukes cock guiding it between the cheeks of his
young ass.
Duke slipped his dick inside the boys shit chute,loving young little kids the feel of the
tight muscles of his sphincter locking arouns his shaft.
One of the studs stood teathered to the post of the stall just in front of
Jon.The stud snorted and pranced as thetwo fucked,then his big horse cock began
it's journey from it's sac.By the time it was all out it must have been
fourteen inches long,then big knob bouncing up and down each time the stud
Jon reach out hesitantly taking hold of the big horses cock,his eyes wide
open at the sight as he held it up for a better look.What he done next damm near made Duke come,the boy kissed the big head and
then took it in his mouth,moaning as he began giving the big stud a blow
Duke held JOns hips tighter as he continued hunching the boys ass,his eye
glued to the horse cock in the kids mouth.The idea of what he wanted to do
with that cock had already formed in his mind,he could feel it up his
ass.Then he was coming up the boys male pussy,coming like never before.Once he had removed his cock he knelt,licked the boys ass clean,then began
kissing the studs shaft as Jon continued sucking it's knob.
"Damm boy,how would you like that up your ass,geeesshhh."He said.
Jon never answered,his mouth was full and he was not about to give up the
"Thats it kid,suck that cock,make the big basturd come baby."
Duke then ran to the house naked as a jay bird,grabbed a can of crisco young hot nude and
ran back,Jon was still making a meal of the studs meat.He began rubbing the studs face and kissing it as he talked to him.
"Go big guy,give the little shit what he craves,come baby,come."
Duke heard the boy gag once then he was swallowing like mad as the stud
blasted his mouth,so much so his cheeks were puffing out before he could get
it all youngest pussy porn down.
When the kid finally raised up he had a smile from ear to ear as horse cum
ran down his chin dripping on his cheast.Duke leaned over and licked op the excess cum then began stuffing crisco up
his ass.
Quickly he pulled the bale over beneath the stud then squeased in between it
and the studs belly as he told Jon to guide the studs cock to his ass.
Duke felt the big knob as it stretched him open then popped inside making
him jump slightly.Duke had wrapped his legs around the studs flanks digging his heels in as he
began hunching his ass over the studs cock,trying hard to get more and more
of it.
It was as though he had became obsessed with the animal,wanting as much of
the long round cock as he could get.
Jon had folded a horse blanket and had Duke to raise up so he could slip it
beneath his ass,this way he could get more of the cock.When he decided he had all he was going to get this way he began to slow
fuck the animal as he turned his head to the side and took Jons cock in his
mouth.The kid lost no time in begining to face fuck him.
Duke knew the horse would probably not come again but he loved the feel of
the ten inches that his ass was sliding up and down on,he vowed then to
figure out how to take the whole thing.The big cock started young incest sites
to shrink and soon popped free of his ass hole just as
Jon shot his load in Dukes mouth.
Once he had sucked all the boys young cream he knelt telling the boy to piss
in his mouth.He could tell the kid had never done this before,but once he
got started very young teens
he pissed till his bladder was empty,much to Dukes delight.That night he discribed the whole scene to Terri and the two fucked like
crazy for half the night,yes,Monty was right,they were one crazy fucking
For the next month Duke and Terri worked delegently on the cabins,Duke had
installed very young teens tiny cams in all the rooms and bathrooms as well.Duke had great
plans for those rooms,already his mind was working on how he could work the
studs and Driver into the business.They decided they needed some down time and took a week end off.The three of
them wandered down to the pond he had constructed,the clean cool water
looked so refreshing on such a warm day.All three stripped and ran laughing
as they jumped in the water.
Terri's ass always excited Duke,but the sight of Demi's giggling up and down
as she ran really stirred him up.The three romped and played 'splashing each other as the sir was filled with
laughter,then as Duke came up from under the water in front opt Demi,their
eyes met,smiled faded and their lips found one another.
Terri came up behind her,placed her hands between the two as she began to
fondle the girls tities while her husband swapped tongue with the girl.Three naked bodies had blended together as husband and young writers wife began to
manipulate the sweet thing between them.As Duke's cock protruded between
Demi's thighs,Terri had worked a finger inside the girls ass and was finger
fucking her.
Duke took over the fondling of her tities and began pinching her nipples
hard causing her to moan softly as she tongued his mouth wildly.He left her mouth kissing his way down to her hairless pussy and began his
feast,terri had taken over porno naturism young her lips,swapping tongues.
The two had the girl about out of her mind with lust as Driver saundered in
panting,his eyes looking then over.
Duke removed a cushion from the sofa and slipped in under the girls ass as
he coaxed the big dog over,one whiff of all that pussy juice and the big guy
was ready to go.It took but little effort to young spanish girls get his big boner up.
Terri helped get Demi in postion as Duke slipped a second cushion beneath
her raising her ass even higher as he helped the big guy mount his new
Once Duke had guided the dogs cock to her slit,he wrapped his paws around
her waist and began pile driving her tight little cunt as Terri and Duke
went after one another.Duke ate her pussy till she cried out showing her pleasure,then sucked her
clean before putting her on her knees beside the dog and girl then plugged
her ass with his throbing cock.
He tried matching strokes with the dog but was no match for the animal.He
watched as the Driver grew closer to coming,licking and looking around for
someplace to bite."Don't you do it Driver or I'll kick you ass."Duked snapped and the dog
settled down candid young till he blasted inside Demi's pussy.
They all laughed later when Demi became worried about getting pregnant by
the dog.
Duke unloaded up Terris tight ass and as he saw cum oozing from her chute he
quickly went to work eating her sweet ass out,he loved that tangy taste.By mid summer most of the cabins had been rented,word had spread about the
new dude ranch that had opened and the neatness of the place caught peoples
attention right away.
Duke scanned the monitor that covered each room,he had some sexy sights but
no real action till the couple rented # 4.Both parties were in their mid to
late twenties,both were very attractive as well.He watched that first night as usual and was quite taken by their love
making,the man had one hell of a cock,long with one of the sexiest youngest asian defloration knobs he
had ever seen.
Duke lusted at the sight of the womans naked ass,oh how he would love to
bury his face between those cheeks.Then she turned,the sight brough a gasp
from his throat as he saw the big cock between her legs,it was even larger
than the mans.Dukes cock had spring to an instant erection,as his hand automaticly freed
it and began to stroke himself.
He was on full alert now as he watched the two begin to make love on the
bed.Wrapped in one anothers arms as they kissed and swapped tongue.Then
turned and lay in a sixty nine postion as both swallowed the others
dicks,both cocks disappearing inside the others mouth,he knew they were both
deep throating.The two serviced one another with their mouths for awhile,then the guy
mounted the shemale and buried his youngest pussy porn cock up his ass as the guy wrapped his
legs around the others waist,their mouths finding one anothers,the man
hunching his cock in and out slowly but steady.
Duke had never had sex with a shemale before,but promised himself he would
sometime in the near future.It was not clear to him how word got around but those who were into unusal
sex had found his ranch was the place to go for privacy.He was finding more
and more highly arousing sexcapades asian schoolgirl young as the weeks went by.
Take the family who came one week end with their kids,both man and woman
looked to be in their late thirties or early forties,their kids looked to be
pre teen,but one was never sure,they could very well had young teen feet been older.Right from young teens peeing the start the man had inquired about how they looked at nuditiy
and Mark told him they were comfortable with it to a certain extent.Later he
thought to himself,what extent,their had never been any out and out nudity
before.That evening when all were in the meeting lounge he brought up the
subject,he was surprised and delighted that the approval was one hundred
percent.From that time on most were walking around naked as though it was
the most normal thing in little young fucked
their life.Although Duke loved it,his adiction to the sight of an ass was a bit
frustrating at times,especially womens ass or the younger set.
Their was something about the way a womans ass giggled when she walked that
cause his mouth to water.
Bill and Colleen both had exceptional butt cheeks,as well as Dina and
Nick,their daughter and son.Duke found himself spending more time around Colleen and the kids,his eyes
were always glued to their asses,even terri laughed and mentioned it.She had
no problem with it because she had her special guests as well.
Colleen and the kids were at the pool with her setting back watching them
swim as Duke stood back behind a tree watching her every move.Usually he had
full control of his sexual emotions,even though his lust lever sometimes ran
on high.With Colleen,he had to younger naked child struggle more to keep it from going through the
roof.AS he watched,she had bent to pick up a towel,her perfectly lovely
cheeks before him,they had parted just enough to give him a birds eye view
of her rose bud.If he thought Terri had a nice sexy wrinkled little
hole,Colleens was out of this world.She was behind the lounge chair,not more then ten feet from him,it was just
to much and before he knew it he was behind her on his youngest girls portal knees,his hand
gripping her hips as he began showering the cheeks of her ass with wet
Colleen flinched at first,then as she saw who it was she calmed,making a
nervous little laugh"I was wondering when you were going to make a move."she said,smiling back
at the man who was making love to her ass.
In answer Duke had parted her cheeks and had began licking up and young teen feet down the
crack of her ass,the tangy taste of her rose bud flooding his mind,his lust
meter going to the top and over.Colleen gripped the top of the lounge as she looked out over the
pool,keeping an eye on the kids as her ass was being devoured.
Duke,the guy who was always in control was youngest boypics now a whimpering slave to the
womans ass.
"Ohh,you do that so well Duke,I'll bet you have quite an appetite don't
"Damm babe,you have the sexiest ass I ever laid eyes on."He mummered,then
went right back to licking and sucking on her ass,now and then teasing her
pussy with the tip of his tongue.Colleen had spread her legs even more,giving him ample room.Not onle was she
enjoying his actions,but she had a special treat in mind for her new found
love slave.This young little kids was nothing new to her,she was a natural born slave master
and exercised her power at every opportunity.
Duke was so engrossed with his ass eating that he failed to notice what was
taking place right away.He felt it first with the tip of his tongue as he tongue fucked her rear
chute,then it was forcing his tongue from her ass and had slipped between
his lips,thats when it finally registered.
If he had any conrtol at all,it was gone as he had his first taste,his lust
meter going out of sight now.Again he was whimpering as he sucked her treasure,it was a new for him,an
experence he was to learn to love and crave from that day on.
He was actually sucking it now,just as though it were a cock in his hungry
mouth,the flavor damm near making his eyes cross from pure undulated lust.
Now and then he opened his eyes,their was another pair of naked legs beside
Colleen and he could hear low voices."You finnally got to him huh."It was Bills voice,her husband.
"UUmmm yes,and hes a natural."
"How did you know?"
"I could see it in his eyes,he loves the stuff,not only the act but being
fed as well,he's going to virgin teen young
eat a lot as time goes by."
"Think he will do the same for them?"Bill said,as he nodded at Dina and
"IT's a sure thing,hell,he can't help himself.Even though he is a natural at
it,I'm sure it is his first time."keep watch for us while I finish."She said,then her golden nugged continued
it's journey inside his mouth as Duke sucked frantically on the sweet golden
log before it left her sexy ass filling his mouth.
Colleen was looking back at him smiling as she whispered.
"Chew you food baby,never swallow whole."He heard Bill chuckling as she
spoke,but virgin teen young paid him no mind,all he was entersted in was what filled his mouth
as he chewed before swallowing.After he had finished Colleen took his hand,led him back in the trees and
the two had wild crazy demanding sex,the most gratifing Duke had ever
later ,as he would lay thinking about what had taken place,he would grow
instantly aroused,he could even taste her even after all the time
passed.Yes,she was right,he was hooked on the taste of the stuff and was
well aware of the fact he wanted more.....much more.....
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